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    Tenpi Clan (WIP)


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    Tenpi Clan (WIP) Empty Tenpi Clan (WIP)

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    Clan Name: Tenpi Clan
    Village of Occupancy: Primarily found in Konohagakure, with minor functions in Iwagakure.
    Clan Leader: Tenpi, Ranpu.
    Ability/Hidden Technique: The Seven Phoenixes. (This is not a technique, it's a birthright – that is taught.)

    Clan Functions & Description: --To carry on his spirit, Solaris willed himself to learn a sacred form of the art of Sealing. Within his years, Solaris found a way to seal a small part of his life essence into objects near and dear to him, allowing him to rebirth in life in the time of his death.

    As generations grew on, he taught his members the same technique to keep them strong and willful. Over his lifetime, he had died five times, finding that with each reincarnation, he felt more youthful and powerful, as if a part of his spirit was returned to him.

    (Story of Solaris continued)
    (Story of Sola, the daughter of promise)
    (Story of the 13 day soul war where The Seven Phoenixes fell)
    The Thirteen Day War was one to be remembered by the clan. The Reapers, a conglomerate of evil beings who sought to destroy ninja not by their body, but by their soul had began to run through the lands. These ninja had special ninjutsu designated to strip the afflicted of life, using body-piercing techniques similar to that of medical ninjutsu to inflict harm to the chakra points and sever their spiritual connection from within. This was particularly strong against the Tenpi clan, as their inherent abilities linked directly to their spirits.

    Within the first four days, almost half of the battle-worthy clan members were either killed or wounded beyond repair. The highest ranking of them all, and the clan leader at the time, Radol, had been injured and left within the clan's base to live out his remaining years in mortality. He was on his sixth incarnation and his final had yet to be stored. His brothers and sisters were felled by the day, more and more reports of death or missing in action continued to roll in. He felt helpless to the fight.

    As the threat grew larger and the other villages began to join in, the Tenpi clan fought forefront into a clan war against this rogue faction. Oria, the brother of Radol, barely a Jounin and weak in abilities found rivalry against the factions Quartz, one of the three leaders of the Soul Reapers. Though skilled mainly in Taijutsu, Quartz had found a way to attack from a distance, keeping Oria, the Ninjutsu user at equal odds in distance, thouh close-ranged was his weakness.

    Oria was known for his ability to defeat foes by keeping them at a distance. He was an assassin by nature, known to take down some of the Villages most lethal targets without them being able to react. He was gifted. Quartz, however, found reason to push himself against the odds and find new ways to become stronger. Oria forced him to do this. With their power equal in skill, their singular fight lasted three days. Members on each side were lost, but many of the rogue faction still remained. This was a problem, as Quartz was able to keep Oria from defeating the others.

    Still on his first life and only thirty years old, Oria had become feared by the missing and the hostile, but Quartz would not falter. It was on this day Oria, who had never used his seal, would take a fatal blow to his center, caught off guard by a counter against his Solar Sift, a powerful step used to get close to the opponent with little chance of being harmed, he was caught by Quartz in mid-step, a sharp hit dealt to the center mass left him mortally wounded on the battlefield.

    He quickly grabbed the broach given to him by his brother and squeezed it in his hand. As he focused and prayed, his seal did not appear and he knew he was done. His soul would not part, whether he was too weak from the fight, or the wound had destroyed his chakra points. Quartz closed in and grabbed him by the throat, crushing his wind pipe in an instant. As he slowly suffocated, Oria smiled, grabbing onto Quartz and sending him into flame with a final burst. Neither body was found.

    When Radol heard about his brothers disappearance, he could not handle it anymore. Thirteen days into the war, Radol grasped at his final trinket. As his final life was stored, the trinket, a medallion bestowed to him by his brother, similar to the one he had given his brother, turned an ashen gray. This was the sign of the final incarnation. Power was restored, no longer a mortal, but a Phoenix.

    He headed directly for battle, his power surging, his family dying left and right. Phoenix or not, their souls were being reaped. Radol was enraged. Oria was gone, the battle had losses, time was thinning. He stepped dead into the middle of the battlegrounds and challenged all of the reapers, at once. They took this as a sign of disrespect, a single man challenging the entirety of them. They weren't weak, it was time to prove it. As they dove in, Radol took the medallion of his final life into his hand – and melted it.

    His body burst into flame. As the final seal was broken, so was he. They clashed onto his ashes and as they stood confused, he reappeared close by, his chakra levels so large his power could be felt from every ninja. His family fled, the wounded carried by the healthier. Radol smiled, producing a staff from flame and slamming the base of it into the ground. A rift of energy expelled from the staff, burning everyone within it. The reapers were incinerated, as was Radol, and everything within a few hundred meters of the impact. The war was over by a single sacrifice.

    (Story of the Spawnborn lovers(transfer of the Seals))

    Kekkai Genkai/Hidden Technique Description: The Seven Phoenixes is an ability derived from the soul of the Tenpi clan, developed through hardened spirits and the will to thrive. First created by the clan founder Tenpi, Solaris, this ability was awakened through years of practice and fear of death from war. Using a special seal, a member of the Tenpi Clan can seal a part of themselves in an object that carries heavy sentiment to them. This object has been known to be of non-living material and often a symbol handed down to them, such as a piece of jewelry or clothing. In very few instances has a living being been used as a seal holder.

    Only a single instance of a seal can be used at any given time, though in one instance Solaris had imbued two seals at once, but carried the cost of extreme weakness and constant fatigue. Creating a seal also seals away a part of the users strength, so the more seals, the weaker the user becomes. Only seven seals can be created in a lifetime. This is a limit of the spiritual contract between body and soul. Breaking the soul more than seven times is seen as an atrocity and, as such, Solaris placed a sacred covenant on his bloodline, sacrificing his final life to ensure no man can create more than seven. The seal will no longer create a bind or in some cases, will consume the user for eternity, only able to be released through means unknown to the day.

    Users of the Seven Phoenixes are virtually immortal. Though death can become them, they never age until the final seal is used. They top out at a physical appearance of around twenty-five to thirty. The longest living user of this technique is the current Clan Leader, Tenpi, Ranpu, currently at the age of a hundred and forty-three years of age. The Seven Phoenix users are naturally weaker than other ninja, using part of their spirit to create and imbue into a seal. Though this weakness is noticeable, it is a far cry from stating they are weak. The difference is in stating that their S ranks are closer to A+ ranks. Though it isn't a significant weakness, creating more than one seal caused the power of an S rank ninja to become that of a B+ rank or lower, depending on the copies made. This weakness does not include a seal broken for rebirth. That strength is returned upon rebirth, though the user is vulnerable unless a new seal is made.

    The creator upon dying is resurrected through flame bursting from the seal. Chakra sources are replenished by half and wounds are completely healed, even mortal. Scars are transferred, like birthmarks. The object containing the seal crumble to ash, unable to be used again. This makes it harder for a user to instantly reseal their spirit into an object. If the host is living, they don't necessarily die, but are unable to be used as a vessel again, as the seal, wherever placed, is scarred over. The living seal may also die from severe burns due to the nature of the technique.

    Upon revival, for the next twenty-four hours, a user of The Seven Phoenixes is exponentially stronger. In thoughts, an A Rank jutsu could have the strength of an S+. S ranks are the strength of an S+ as well, but retain a lower chakra expenditure by twenty-five percent. If the person birthed from a seal can transfer the seal into another object within that day, they retain normal strength for the remainder of that day. This increased strength is known as the Birth From Ashes. This trait is passive. If a user makes it to their final incarnation, they reach the Final Birth.

    When a user of The Seven Phoenixes reaching their Final birth, their power scales are exponential for that 24 hours. Their S ranks are practically immeasurable, though only one ninja has ever been in battle after their final incarnation and were killed in the very same battle. Their abilities at this time are so strong they can also cause irreversible harm to themselves. It is thought of as a final act. However, if the ninja lives through their Final Birth, age continues as normal. So from the physical appearance of twenty-five, their clock begins to count down from that point.

    Permanent death is possible through two situations. Spiritual harm is devastating to a Tenpi member. If their spirit is harmed through certain means or their soul becomes corrupt, the seal may not interact and rebirth may not happen. The second is to destroy a vessel containing the seal they placed their soul in before slaying them as well. This has proven to be difficult as the object is usually never on their being and rarely ever noticeable by others. A seal can also technically backfire if the object loses sentiment to the one who sealed it. For instance, if a memory of the being that object was passed from becomes tainted, the seal may shatter.

    It should also be noted that a seal user can retain all physical strengths and beyond through years of hard training, however their elemental abilities can never strengthen through practice. This means if a seal is used, elemental abilities at the rank of A will never be stronger than a B+, and so on.

    Also to note: Rarely is a user able to use a seal below Chunin, as a member of the clan will rarely train a member before possibility of dangerous combat. Though the ability is an E rank, anyone below Chunin, unless trained by a member, cannot use this seal.

    In rare instances the remaining seals of The Seven Phoenixes can be transferred to another being. Though they will have little or no time to train the ability to seal their spirits, the last seal created by the one transferring is bound to the person transferred. This gives them at least one reincarnation, if the transferring created a seal beforehand. This instance is also brought on by the same rules as the seal and leaves a permanent mark on the person who obtains the ability. The only way to transfer this ability is to have an immense bond with the person transferred to. Consequently, if the person is aged, they will retain youth within 24 hours.

    Additional Hidden Techniques / Supporting Techniques: --Here you will provide any additional hidden techniques of your clan and supporting techniques for your clan's abilities. For instance, the Nara clan has several different shadow jutsu based around the Kage Mane. The Uchiha clan has basic fire jutsu to support their Sharingan. If none, list "N/A"--
    1. --Phoenix Seal Technique--
    Rank: E
    Distance: Within physical Touch
    Description: The user places a hand on a special object close to them. The process of the ability is instant, but requires the object to hold some form of sentimental value to them. An object worth everything to them but possibly nothing to someone else. The process leaves no visible seal on the outside. While this is being performed, a light flash can been seen emitting from the user, not like flame, but closer to a quick flash of white light. The user will become weaker upon use.

    2. --Spirit Seal Technique--
    Rank: E
    Distance: Within Physical Touch
    Description: Much like the Phoenix Seal, the ability is used upon touch and only possible on a being of great value. After the flash, the user loses all abilities to use the Phoenix Seal or any benefits it carries with it, transferring all seals remaining as well as a previous seal made to the affected. This ability is not taught, but usually happens by happenstance, in a last-ditch effort to save someone they love. All Phoenix seals are transferred to the person the seal is used on and a small mark of the family crest forms on the region touched. The affected feels nothing. The user must be willing to transfer, so under speculation, they know they are doing it.

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