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    Mononoke, Miku Empty Mononoke, Miku

    Post by Amira on Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:29 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Mononoke, Miku
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Genin
    Village/Country: Iwagakura
    Elemental Affinity: Katon
    Specialty: Mid-Range Combat

    [b ]Appearance[/b]

    Standing at an average height for her age, with an average body type and build for someone who’s taken the path of a shinobi, Miku isn’t really anything special to look at. While generally pale, she is far from a porcelain doll. She’s been in the sun, but the mountain coverage keeps the temples in the shade. Her dark hair is long and straight, held back into a pony tail. Her bangs fall into her face, crowning it. Her eye color is a chilling icy blue, made even more prominent from the dark rings of insomnia that frame them. Of course the most startling part of the girl’s appearance is the lack of her right eye, and the large scar that crosses over it.

    As for clothing, the girl wears a black halter top with an open back. Over the halter is a black vest with silver trimming providing extra protection. A small black belt wraps around her torso beneath her chest. Both of her arms are wrapped up in bandages up to her underarms, and over her left arm is a black glove that reaches up almost as far. Around her neck she wears a thin black choker with a silver clasp on the front. She also wears small silver earrings, a little something that was her mother’s.

    As for the rest of her outfit, Miku wears a tight black skirt that her halter partially covers over. Underneath this are black spandex short shorts. A crisscross black belt with silver buckles wrap around her waist and upper thighs, and along the bottom of the skirt is two belts that tighten it against her skin and wrap down around her exposed legs. Long black thigh high socks raise up to just about the middle of the girl’s thighs. Over top of that are black above the knee boots that also have a belt to tighten them against her skin on the tops of them.

    Utilizing the belt straps that wrap around her thighs, Miku keeps her pouch of tools there, on the left hand side. Although, it’s more for storage of things that any actual tools. Her ninja head band can be found within the pouch, but when she’s out on missions she wears it around her head.


    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is probably the best way to describe Miku. Due to the trials and tribulations she has suffered thus far, she has developed a variety of coping mechanisms that allow her to relatively function in the world. Her lack of trust in and of anyway being the far most apparent attribute, she won’t even allow herself to be alone with anyone, especially if there is not at least a random pedestrian nearby. Her paranoia has also developed into an aggressive case of insomnia, for how can one be aware if they are asleep. The lack of sleep at times tends to leave her angry, or causes her to lash out in self-defense.

    The tiredness doth go in both directions. If not in the above described way, one would be able to find a quiet girl that seems shy and reserved. A polite whisper on the bustling wind. This tends to be how she reacts in crowds or groups. Rather than spitfire out of control, she ends to be mellower, even pleasant. This unfortunately gives off the impression that the poor girl suffers mood swings, when in reality she just needs sleep and retribution.

    Should someone manage to get past this though, they will find the original girl that was locked away from the world. A kind Miku that wanted to explore, learn, and grow. There was a fire inside that demanded to be unleashed into an inferno, a passion and drive to become the greatest kunoichi of their era. Alas, this flame is now a dull simmer, smoldering coals that desperately need to be fanned back alive. Even though the poor girl has yet to realize it herself, she desperately searches for anyone or anything that could bring her back from the depths of her mental prison.

    Careful observation from an outside source would tell you that there are two other major quirks to the young lady’s persona. The first is that she is very much an animal lover, despite her feather allergy. The serenity and innocence of wildlife are one of Miku’s few comforts. The other, and a stark contrast of the first quirk, would be the anger that wells up and unleashes when her eye or cousin are mentioned. While she would never consider herself to be the violent type, her aggression knows no bounds should this generally taboo topic emerge.

    There is one general dislike that has stuck with Miku since she was a child, and that is her fear of spiders. While her arachnophobia does not leave her petrified, she tends to freak out like a little girl at the sight of the eight legged bastards. While a small spider in a web is tolerable….kind of, if they venture near her or drop down in front of her, panic ensues and death to all of the foul beats must proceed. Devine justice need be dealt with the swiftest fury of all the arcane glory of the gods themselves. This is probably one of the keys to seeing the girl from before she was broken down into her current incarnation.


    • Chakra Pool


    • Depth perception
    • Fear of Spiders
    • Not proficient in close combat
    • Insomnia
    • Not proficient with weapons


    The story of a young Miku begins in February when the young girl was born. It was snowy and cold within the mountains, and yet this is where the story begins. Miku’s parents weren’t anything special really, two members of the Mononoke Clan who loved each other as much as they loved their daughter. Neither of them were shinobi, in fact her mother was a homemaker while her father was a carpenter. Together they worked within the clan to help out in the areas they could while everyone went about restoration projects.

    Growing up, Miku was a pretty normal child. She loved to play with the other children of the clan, and especially loved her own family. Her father had been an only child, but her mother had a sister and brother. The brother was never around for he had ventured out on his own to become a shinobi. The sister though, Miku’s aunt, had a child of her own, a boy who was about five years older than Miku. He looked out for her, taught her things no one else would, and she looked up to him as a brother.

    When Miku was four, the first big event of her life happened. While restoring one of the older temples, which would later be where the clan resided, there was an accident. In the temple a few of the wives and woman had set up a table with food and drink for those working. Her father and a few others had gone into the room to relax and take a break when the structure shifted and collapsed. Of the few survivors, Miku’s parents were not among them. This was crushing to her family, and most of all the young girl who struggled with the realization that her parents were never coming back. A tragedy was all people would call it.

    With no one to return home to, Miku lived with her aunt and cousin. It was during this time in mourning that Miku unlocked her abilities to use ectoplasm, and she wasn’t just good at it, she was a prodigy. Her cousin groomed her then, training her with what he knew and getting older children to test Miku, see what she could do. He’d often praise her, telling her how amazing she was and for a time, the girl was actually happy again. She felt like maybe it was ok that mommy and daddy weren’t here because they were still watching over her.

    How silly and naive the girl really was.

    Life went on for a time, and Miku was excited about joining the academy. Her cousin already had been through that and was a genin now. He’d often talk about his sensei and his special teacher, but he never gave away details of anything except training. Despite being away more, he always found time to train Miku, even going into advanced things that she’d have learned anyways, “But you’re better than the rest, you’re ready for this.” He’d often say those words, and she always believed him. No matter how hard it was, Miku always tried her best to learn everything and remember everything her cousin said to her.

    It was a few weeks before the start of the academy when the next big event of her life happened. Her cousin had shown up and insisted they go out to train, Miku of course agreed and quickly followed him out of the house and out into their usual training grounds. It was quiet, and drizzling slightly. This wasn’t anything new, but where they were going was. Her cousin led her to a new place, claiming it was his secret training ground. Miku was beyond excited. He told her she was going to learn something completely new, something no one else could do, and no one was allowed to know. She could of course keep a secret.

    When they arrived at a strange abandoned house, her cousin led her inside. At this point, she felt like something was wrong. Once she entered the door slammed shut behind her. Miku spun around to see her cousin’s face twisted and moving as if his entire body was ectoplasm that was reshaping itself. Fear held her in place quivering as he slowly approached her. His hand reached for her face. Miku bolted deeper into the house, running for a door a window, anything to escape. Her mind raced but she couldn’t comprehend what was happening. A nightmare? No, this was real.

    Running down a staircase in the hopes of finding somewhere to hide, she tripped over something on the ground, in the dark it was hard to see, so creating a ball of ectoplasm in her hand she lit up the room. Miku screamed at the sight, multiple bodies torn apart, all members of the clan including her uncle. None of them had eyes. Feeling a chill up her spine, the girl turned around slowly to see her cousin’s face right there. That twisted smile crawling across his face. He reached for her eyes again, and then… Pain. Pain so intense she screamed and tried to fight but her body wasn’t listening anymore. The light went out, and then everything fell away as she collapsed.

    When Miku woke up, she didn’t know where she was, or what happened. It took a minute until all her memories came flooding back and she immediately started screaming again. A soft voice calmed her down and explained where she was and what had happened to her after she’d gone unconscious. The voice explained they were a medical shinobi, and she was in the hospital. He also told her the news she was most terrified to hear. Her cousin had gotten away, and he’d taken one of her eyes. He’s attempted to take both, but was interrupted. More still, her aunt had not taken the news well, and she was going to be living with her grandparents from now on.

    It was a few weeks before Miku was released, they’d taken the bandages off her head, but kept them over her eye. Her cousin wasn’t exactly a medical shinobi himself, so his attempt to remove an eye had ended up leaving a mark that wouldn’t go away. When Miku was released, she was put back into the academy, starting later than her other classmates. They’d all heard stories of why she was starting late, and also knew the rumors of Miku’s clan period. They stayed away from her, and that was fine, she didn’t want to talk to anyone either.

    The young girl kept to herself and turned away anyone who wanted to be friends. As years passed, her feeling of being lost hardened and changed. She wanted to find him. She wanted revenge. She wanted her eye back. She wanted to kill him. All these thoughts scared her at first, but over time she decided that was what she wanted, and it was why she would become a kunochi. She would hunt him down, find him, and kill him. Then, she would take back what was hers. There was just a few problems. Side effects of only having one eye connected to her extra organ to regulate her ectoplasm meant that her status as a prodigy was gone. Now, she was only as good as anyone else of her clan. That would be have to be enough.


    • Soldier Pills x5 – Thigh pouch
    • Boot Knife – In boot, not for fighting so much as surviving. (Or opening tough letters)


    1. Kai
    Rank: D
    Range: Self to Touch
    Description: Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed hand seals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the effect of the spell.

    2. Sonido
    Rank: D
    Range: Self
    Description: The fighting style that Yoshida uses, and has since passed on to Miku. When using this fighting style their speed and reaction is doubled due to the use of chakra flowing through his body to force it to react faster. Due to this increase in speed, it can appear as if the person is teleporting to an untrained eye.

    3. Spark
    Rank: D
    Range: 10m
    Description: With a snap of her fingers, Miku is able to create a spark or small flame where ever she wants. Should something be flammable, it will ignite.

    4. Ecto Clone
    Rank: C
    Distance: -
    Description: A ninjutsu that utilizes ectoplasm to create a clone. Unlike a normal clone, the ecto version has the ability to interact more with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out a variety of physical actions, as well as utilize the ectoplasm that makes up its existence. Clones can take on either the volatile nature or the hardened nature of ectoplasm. The clone may either harden or use its volatile nature, based on the user’s rank. If a volatile clone is destroyed, it will explode. If the clone was in its hardened state and somehow manages to be destroyed (or more likely run out of chakra) then instead the body will fall where it may and dissolve into a goopy pile.

    5. Ghostly Wail
    Rank: C
    Range: Mid-Range
    Description: The user releases a highly destructive stream of ectoplasm mixed with chakra from his or her vocal cords and mouth. It is accompanied by a distinct ghostly moaning sound. The duration of the wail and the size of the stream or dependent on the amount of chakra used. This blast is able to blast through boulders and knock over trees.

    6. Basilisk Eye
    Rank: C
    Range: seen
    Description: While normally held closed or covered, should Miku reveal the opening were her missing eye once was, a Genjutsu will activate. Anyone that sees the opening will instead see a red serpent eye and be inflicted with paralysis for 3 posts.

    7. Ecto Blast
    Rank: C
    Distance: Close to Mid
    Description: The user is able to generate and shape ectoplasm into their hand as big or small as they want. By infusing chakra into the ectoplasm they can then throw a ball or blast a beam at their target. The .ball form will explode when it hits its target causing melting of both organic and mineral substances a like. The beam form has the same effect with addition force added. This jutsu is controlled destruction. The ball can be thrown as far as a baseball, and the beam shoots out 10 meters.

    8. Ecto Appendage
    Rank: B
    Distance: Self
    Description: Miku is able to create and utilize extra extremities with her ectoplasm. She is currently able to create wings, a huge tail, or up to 4 tentacles from her lower back out of ectoplasm, and manipulate it as if they were a part of her own body. As of now, she can only use one limb style at a time.

    Wings – While unable to fly with them, she is able to use them as shields, to deflect objects, slow her descent, as well as fling goopy plumage of ectoplasm with wing beats.

    Tail – A Large tail that she would use to clobber and destroy things by hardening the ectoplasm. This tail can also be detached if needed and used as a giant bomb.

    Tentacles – As it name implies, they are used to fight at a range. While not nearly as thick and physically destructive as the tail, the slender nature makes them great for handling multiple opponents, or be used for a verity of other tasks.
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