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    Murakami, Dime WIP


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    Murakami, Dime WIP Empty Murakami, Dime WIP

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    Basic Information
    Name: –Murakami, Dime--
    Age: –16--
    Gender: --Male--
    Rank: --Genin.--
    Village/Country: –Land of Wind, Sunagakure.--
    Elemental Affinity: --Katon.--
    Specialty: --Taijutsu.--


    Murakami, Dime WIP Rock-Howard1


    --One of the most important parts of the profile, write as much as you can describing your character's personality here. Keep in mind to list things such as relationships with the opposite sex, how they react in fighting situations, how they learn, what they like, how they react to others, etc. Three paragraphs at least. --


    • —Taijutsu—Dime is a natural when it comes to using his body as a weapon.


    • —Unfriendly— Dime isn’t very nice, and doesn’t get along with people easily.

    • —Lack of Range— Having focused everything into taijutsu, Dime lacks the ability to fight from a distance effectively.

    • --Lone Wolf-- Dime doesn't work well with others, and believes he can only rely on his own strength.

    • --Overconfident-- Dime thinks he is unbeatable and can take anybody on which can lead to trouble.

    • --No genjutsu-- Dime doesn't bother with genjutsu because only cowards hide behind illusions.



    Dime is the only son of the vicious crime lord Horobiru, who ran underground prostitution rings, facilitated the laundering of money, creation and distribution of narcotics and many other nefarious acts of criminal origin. One night, in a drunken rage, Horobiru raped an innocent waitress and impregnated her through sheer carelessness. When he discovered she was pregnant, Horobiru thought to have her killed for daring to carry his seed but after she begged for her life and promised Horobiru a son, he decided that he would allow the baby to be born. If it was a girl, he would kill them both but if it were a boy, he would only kill the mother. Fortunately for Dime, he was born a boy but his mother was killed soon after giving birth.

    Dime was raised around a rough crowd of hardened men and women who’d ruthlessly fought alongside Horobiru to build his criminal empire. His father wanted to raise Dime to be his successor for when he died to legitimize the Murakami name as an authority as powerful as the country’s rulers. However, a lot of people hated Horobiru and he needed to ensure the strength of his empire. So, he moved his main operation to Sunagakure so he could enroll Dime into the ninja academy.

    Academy Student Arc

    While his father ran his empire of sin, Dime attended the Ninja academy learning how to become a shinobi. He was an outcast amongst the shinobi, and because of this status he built himself up as strong as possible so he could bully the other kids. He got in a lot of fights, won most of them but still lost a few. The other students hated him, but Dime wouldn't let that slow him down. He studied day and night relaying what he learned to his father so that he could also learn what Dime was being taught.

    One night, Dime overheard his father talking about his mother and discovered the truth behind his mother. Horobiru had personally killed her to make sure Dime wouldn't pick up on any of her “weak” traits. Dime burst into the room and attacked his father but was easily beaten by his guards. Horobiru told Dime his mother was a whore and that he spared him the humiliation of having a her as a mother. Dime had no choice but to back down, however, he swore to take revenge for his mother’s death and destroy his inheritance.
    Shortly afterwards, Dime graduated from the academy and became a genin.

    Genin Arc

    As common practice, Dime was placed into a team where he was made to do demeaning tasks like finding pets or helping drive nails into wood. At this point, his father had cut him off from his fortune and told Dime he would have to fend for himself until he proved himself worthy to return. While this would make things more difficult for Dime, the young shinobi also felt relieved to be given freedom from his father. Before, escape would have been difficult and being found would result in severe punishment but now he was free to focus on become strong. However, because of his unfriendly nature, Dime found it difficult to cooperate with his team.

    When Dimes team was sent to the Chuunin exams, he excelled in all ways except for when it came to working as a member of a team. This resulted in his team being promoted to Chuunin and Dime remaining a genin. This set back stung a bit but rank meant little to Dime as he continued to develop his fighting abilities. He knew he'd be given another chance, they couldn't ignore his natural abilities.


    • ItemNameHere: Description - Location
    • ItemNameHere: Description - Location
    • ItemNameHere: Description - Location


    0. --Academy Jutsu.--
    Rank: -
    Range: -
    Description: --Transformation, Body Flicker, Clone, Replacement, wall/water running.--

    1. --Kai.--
    Rank: D
    Range: --Self--
    Description: --Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed hand seals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell.--

    2. --Escape Rope.--
    Rank: D
    Range: --Close--
    Description: --The user concentrates their chakra into the rope or object binding them, causing the material to break or come untied.--

    3. --Utsusemi no Jutsu [Projection Technique].--
    Rank: D
    Range: --Immediate Area--
    Description: --In order to hide their location and not disclose their position, the user projects their voice by resonating everything they say from all possible directions with this jutsu. This technique does not require the use of hand seals..--

    4. --Gekiha Houyou [crushing hug].--
    Rank: C
    Range: -- Close Range--
    Description: --The user wraps his arms around his opponent's body or both body and arms, and then crushes him. The air will escape the opponent's lungs and they won't be able to breath. Afterward, their body will be stiff for a while. With impressive strength weak bones may even break. Full power hug cannot be maintained for long since it requires a lot of muscle strength. This technique also requires getting very close to the opponent. --

    5. --Bouseki Toppu [Spinning Top].--
    Rank: C
    Range: -- Close Range --
    Description: --The user will perform a hand-stand and then spin on his head while his legs are split. This will make a large rotation of kicks good for taking down multiple enemies..--

    6. --Tokken [Tackle Charge].--
    Rank: C
    Range: -- Close Range, Mid Range--
    Description: --The user uses a burst of speed to shoulder charge an opponent to knock them to the ground or off balance. Blocking this technique with your arms will result in spraining or breaking them. Trying to counter shoulder charge would result in the dislocation of the target shoulder--

    7. --Kuma Kobushi [Bear Fist].--
    Rank: C
    Range: --Close Range--
    Description: --an attack in which the user swats down at the target with a stiff, open palm, as if he were a grizzly bear clawing at an opponent. This move calls for focusing a lot of strength into the shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, and fingers to ensure a great amount of force being brought down on the enemy. A hit on the head can knock an opponent unconscious, a hit on the shoulder would dislocate it.--

    8. --Burning Knuckle.--
    Rank: B
    Range: --Close Range.--
    Description: --Dime will focus chakra to his fist and form fire around it. This can be done on both hands and every strike he lands will leave third degree burns.--

    Additional Information

    Clan Link: --If you're using a custom clan with a special ability or Kekkai Genkai then you must provide a link to your pre-approved clan here.--

    --Any other additional information that you'd like to put about your character should be placed here. If you have any summons, the template for each should be put here.--

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